Sustainable Stamford follows the BeEGOlogical blog, which teaches the typical struggling college student how to save money by simply saving the Earth. It is published by Hilary Ego, a graduate of Stamford's Westhill High School and ex-president of the Westhill Environment Heroes Club.

Below are selected posts from the blog, reproduced with Ms. Ego's permission. You can read the complete blog here.




Don’t wash your laundry until you have a FULL load.  For example, let’s say you separate your darks and lights, but you have full load of darks and only half a load of whites.  Put the whites aside and wait another week or so of wearing whites until there is a full load and then wash them together.  This will cut down on the amount of water and energy used per cycle, therefore cutting down on your water and energy bills.

Reuse School Supplies

 School supplies

Reuse school supplies from previous semesters.  You don’t need brand new supplies each and every semester.  Therefore, reusing notebooks, folders, pens, etc. will cut down on the amount of resources it took to produce these items as well as save money on materials you don’t need.